Monday, February 10, 2014

The Disney College Program

This Fall I was accepted into the 2014 Spring Disney College Program in Orlando, Florida. This was my second time applying for the program and I was incredibly excited to get the opportunity to finally participate! I chose to apply for a Disney internship through the Disney College Program because I have always wanted to work for Disney in some way or another. Although some people may question why I chose to participate in this program, considering it does not directly relate to my music major, I know that the DCP is an enriching experience that benefits any major. The skills and knowledge I will gain through working for a Fortune 500 Company, which happens to be the number one ranked entertainment company in the world, will only help me in my career goals in the arts. 

The First Week

The first week of the program was a whirlwind! It was very exciting but also a very overwhelming process. There were a couple of days of just getting logistics taken care of and going to meetings to learn more about the DCP components of learning, earning, and living.


On arrival day I found out that I would be completing my paid internship during the program at Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort! I will be working mainly in Future World assisting with merchandising. I was very pleased to find out that I would be working at Epcot. It has always been my favorite Disney park because of its celebration of cultural diversity and exciting new technology! 


I was also able to find out where I would be living for the next four months. My roommates and I were pleased to find out that we had received our first choice of apartments at the beautiful Patterson Court!


The aspect of learning at the DCP is my favorite. I will be completing the Disney course entitled “Disney Marketing You” during my program. The course is about finding your true passions, personal branding, and gaining the skills and knowledge to obtain your dream career. If you know me, then you know that this class is right up my alley! The first day of class was the day after arrival. I was immediately in love with the class and already excited to start my homework! The teacher, Ms. Penny Hightower, is so vibrant and passionate about her role in helping each intern to accomplish his or her dreams. She definitely knows what she is doing as she has worked and hired for Disney for over 35 years!

Working for the Mouse

The first week of the program I attended Traditions at Disney University. During Traditions I learned about the Four Keys or values of the Walt Disney Company. 

These keys are:
  •       Safety
  •       Courtesy
  •       Show
  •       Efficiency

I was so inspired during Traditions to learn about the magic of Disney from an inside view. As a child, going to Disneyland or Disney World was an overwhelming, magical experience, where I could meet princesses and feel like I was a princess too. As an adult I can now appreciate the incredible amount of effort that goes into making that Disney magic. It is beyond thrilling that I am now a part of what goes into creating that magic for everyone who comes to a Disney park.

During Traditions the DCP Spring 2014 interns were taken behind-the-scenes of the Magic Kingdom and got to tour the underground tunnels! We were also welcomed into the Disney Cast Member family by Mickey Mouse himself, who gave us our “ears” and cast member nametags!

Yes, my nametag does say I go to Albertson College of Idaho. I am not sure why they chose to put that on but I am getting it changed to The College of Idaho soon!

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