Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An Unexpected Visitor ~

I have been lucky enough to have people I love come and visit me while I have been in Orlando. Some of them I was expecting, and another I wasn't expecting at all!

Early one Monday morning I was asleep in my bed when I was awoken by my bedroom door opening. A young man walked over to my bedside with my roommates following behind him. I was very confused as to what was going on but I soon realized that the young man was my boyfriend, Zack! He had taken a red eye flight from Denver, Colorado to surprise me and spend time with me during my days off! I was extremely excited and could not believe that he was really there! My roommates had known about his arrival for two months and had kept it secret from me! He had the whole day already planned out and a room for me at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort that night. I was overwhelmed with joy.

We spent that day exploring the resort, visiting Animal Kingdom, and ate a nice dinner. Zack had never been to Disney World before so it was really fun to adventure with him in the park. We rode Expedition Everest and had a blast! We were actually the very last riders of the day before the ride shut down due to technical difficulties.

The next day I got to briefly show Zack where I worked at Epcot before we had to leave on separate buses. I had to go to class that afternoon and he had to get to the airport.

Although it was a very short trip, I felt so incredibly blessed that he would go to such lengths to spend time with me. I was starting to feel very homesick and him being here rejuvinated my spirit and inspired me to keep going. I can't wait to see him again in just six short weeks for the Air Force Academy Ring Dance in Colorado Springs!

I am a very lucky girl.

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